Leveraging Experience

Two Decades at The Forefront

Back in 1995, we carried out our very first oil change on a wind turbine. In those days, the average WTG only had an average power rating of 600KW and an average hub height of 45 meters. Fast forward to today, and WTGs often produce more than 3 MW of power and stand over 100 meters tall.

Throughout this period of development and change, the standards for gearbox and hydraulic oils have become more stringent. As you would expect, this has meant personnel who carry out oil changes have had to advance too.

Oil service engineers must now be much more knowledgeable, while constantly learning and expanding their understanding of the field. They also have to be more versatile in order to handle the new challenges and ever-advancing technology involved.

In order to help our highly skilled technicians carry out their work as efficiently as possible, ROS also develop advanced vehicles in-house. This way, we can maximise productivity and allow our technicians to produce their best work.

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