Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Policy Statement

Renewable Oil Services aims to incorporate environmental management within all aspects of its work activity, both in the offices and at all wind farm locations.

The core business of the company is gearbox & hydraulic oil changes and maintenance of renewable energy generation stations (wind turbines) – to assist the government in reaching its CO2 reduction targets.

In its commitment to the prevention of pollution, the company has a documented environmental management system, which aims to achieve the following:

  • The use of BATNEEC
  • Sustainable development
  • Effective response to incident / emergency situations
  • Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations
  • To keep abreast of all changes in legislation
  • Education / Communication / PR
  • Strive for all company activities to become zero emission.

The company’s ultimate aim is year-on-year improvement in environmental performance.  This will be demonstrated through the accomplishment of environmental objectives and targets, set on an annual basis.

Signed       Barry Sutherland                                               Date 17.11.2021

Director:  Barry Sutherland