Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement

Renewable Oil Services are fully committed to provide and maintain quality services to our customers.

The core business of the company is gearbox & hydraulic oil changes and maintenance of renewable energy generation stations (wind turbines)

In its commitment to providing and maintaining quality services, the company has a documented quality management system, which aims to achieve the following:

  • Providing wind turbine oil exchange services of consistent premium quality conforming to ISO 9001:2015 international standard.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by providing quality and reliability service that meets the needs and exceed the expectations of customers by providing value added services.
  • Strive to satisfy applicable requirements.
  • Adherence to the legal requirement, regulations and contractual obligations.
  • Updating and monitoring the Quality Management System with a view of continually improving it.
  • Ensure effective communication, both internal and external, to ensure a program of continual quality improvement.
  • Engage our employees to set measureable objectives and targets for QMS, revise objectives through regular review, audit and monitoring its performance.
  • Provide training to all the employees to enhance their competency and professionalism.

Compliance with the above will ultimately lead to maintain and achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction by means of globally accepted standards.

Signed   Barry Sutherland                                                 Date 17.11.2021

Director:  Barry Sutherland